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Daily Slop: Redskins D Gets Pressure Rushing 4; Philly Fans Bathe in Chunky Soup (Video)

Donovan McNabb Gets A Game Ball
Great video of McNabb's post-game speech in the locker room.

Five quick thoughts: Redskins 17, Eagles 12 | Washington Examiner
Big key to the win: Redskins defense was able to get pressure with 4.

From the locker room | Washington Examiner
Orakpo on rushing with four guys: "Has knows; he realized or found out that we’re a good front with just rushing four or five every now and then. If you get four guys and leave a lot of guys back in coverage you’ll get the job done and once Vick was out of the game we were able to get Kolb moving around the pocket a lot. We didn’t get a lot of sacks but we got a lot of pressure on him."

Philadelphians Bathing In Soup To Make Some Sort of McNabb Statement (Video)

Redskins Insider - Albert Haynesworth's best game so far
"The more I get to play, the better I get," he said. Blogs " Portis forced out by groin injury

Redskins Insider - Offensive line adapts to injuries and illness
It happens, so you have to have guys that can step in there and fill those voids," Hicks said. "Fortunately we have two guys that have been doing it and did it at a high level. [Heyer] did good and Will stepped in and did good today and we came out victorious.

Redskins Insider - DeAngelo Hall, Carlos Rogers limit Eagles' deep threats
With Hall and Rogers playing very physically, Jackson and Maclin combined for just four catches for 34 yards and no touchdowns.

Video: Bradshaw fumbles while looking at self on video screen - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports