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Captain of the Tailgate: What Makes a Good Tailgate?

Another day, another new sponsor for SB Nation - Captain Morgans. For the next few Fridays we'll be doing posts on what makes a great tailgate (beyond booze, good food, and hotties). Besides Playboy, I can't think of a better sponsor off the bat right now as my liver and I are huge fans of the Captain. Anyway, we'll be hashing out some fun posts over the next weeks sharing some best recipes and tailgate stories/ideas.

We have a pretty good tailgate in F31 with the Beruit tables, opponent-themed foods, and of course the keg. I sent some emails to some of the larger Redskins tailgate crews I know...Hogettes, Super Skin, Extreme Skins, and the Dead Tree Crew. Most of these tailgates are 100+ people, which is serious business. Figuring it's Captain Morgan...we might as well start off strong. I pinged Chris Ferrarese of the Dead Tree Crew to share what makes his massive tailgate click. Also after the jump is the Marissa Miller video, who is now a spokesmodel for Captain. Enjoy.

What are the essentials of a good tailgate besides grilling and beer?

Dead Tree Crew: Well, the DTC Tailgate isnt your ordinary tailgate, and I think thats why we have been so succesful. Ten years ago, the CEO, The President and myself came up with a plan. The plan was to to basically throw a huge party in the parking lot. Our tailgate has a 50/50 girl to guy ratio, we have an 800 watt Sound System, and our typical alcohol iventory includes, but is not limited to: DTC Punch (A conncoction of Grain Liqour, Rasberry Lemonade and Sprite), over 250 beer, a cooler full of Jello Shooters and a dozen or so bottle of premium liqours, and of course our the DTC drink of choice, Crown Royal. When ever you mix the Redskins and the above, your going to have a great time. We dont call what we do a tailgate anymore, we call it a Gangster Party.

10 years ago, our tailgate started with three. Fast forward to the home opener agaisnt the Cowboys this year, and we were around 200. You have the DTC Core Members, that if they are not present, there is no DTC. You have the regualrs, who have been coming for years, the surrounding groups, who set up small tailgates within the DTC boundaries, and then you have 25-40 newcomers who have never been before, but wanted to see what the buzz was about, and the fans that never even heard about us before, but stop and hangout after they see the gangsterness we provide on the lot. As for oppossing fans, they usually stay away from us. Years agao, that wasnt the case. Like in 2003, Darrell Greens last game, we had a squirt gun and were blasting Cowboy fans with whatever fluid we could find. It was 20 degrees that day, and I will always remember soaking some old man and his 12 year old son for fucking with us. They had to go inside the stadium and buy Redskin gear, and turn it inside out. Come to find out they parked 2 spots down from us. For other examples of how we treat opposing fans, check out Hit a Motherfukkin Eagle fan, and you will see it in video form. Not the porta potty being tipped over. Thats how treat opposiong fans in F-51.

As for our gameday menu, it varies, but for the upcoming Monday night game agaisnt the Eagles, I will be making the Redskin Steak and cheese. Thats thinly sliced Prime Rib marinated over night, grilled to perfection and topped with sauteed red and yellow bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. We use 2 kinds of cheese (Montery Jack and Provelone) and put that on fresh baked rolls.