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Snide Debate: Who's More Important to this Defense? Haynesworth or Hall?

Rick Snider has covered the Redskins since 1983. He's a columnist with the Washington Examiner. Read more at

>> Who's more important to this team for the home stretch...DeAngelo Hall or Haynesworth?

Kevin:  I think DHall is more valuable. Unlike Albert, he can play every down. Second, he's the only defender we have than can squeeze a ball. The fact DHall has played hurt this season with his back speaks of his durability. Before the Bears game his stats were pretty bad but I don't want to know how bad our D would have been with him on the bench. 

Rick: Hall makes those plays because Haynesworth created trouble up front. Not every play, but two of those picks were helped by Haynesworth's pressure. Look, a pass rushing interior lineman is the tip of the spear for a defense. Haynesworth is mostly playing pass situations in nickel coverage so he has to do a lot of the work alone while Hall has help. In the end, Hall gets two or three chances in most games to make an impact while Haynesworth gets 8-10.

Yea. Those 1-handed grabs were all Haynesworth and nothing to do with the fact Hall took in all of Shanahan's coaching on Cutlet and his tendencies. I'm not sure if you got the memo but the Bears oline is on pace to be one of the worst ever. John Keim at Nose Tackle could have forced some pressure.

Rick: Keim is the D-Hall of our group and I'm built like Haynesworth. Maybe I just like the big guys in the trenches who are the real deciding factor in who wins games, but no pass rush, no pass defense. D-Hall made some nice grabs, but that's one game. If you're asking who is more important over the next nine games, a big rusher is more important than a corner unless he's a lockdown corner, which Hall isn't. Haynesworth, when he cares, is one of the top five linemen in the game. Hall is not. Haynesworth doesn't have a lot of help alongside him, Hall does. As a group, the secondary is better than the defensive line so the Redskins can cheat a little on Hall's area but they can't on the line. 

I'm not sure how you say the secondary has been better as a group. The safeties have been dreadful save Landry and the Skins are getting shredded in both pass and the rush defense. Haynesworth matched up well against the Bears and a Qb who holds onto the ball too long.

Rick: Haynesworth was good against Philadelphia, too, let's not forget. Hall has Carlos Rogers and LaRon Landry in his packages. Haynesworth has no linemen as good as they are. 

I'm not buying it. Haynesworth spoke to the media today and was in good spirits that the Redskins are using him better now. He's still not even starting so I don't know how this is even a debate. What do you think? 

Any early predictions on where Haynesworth is next season? My guess and money is not Washington (since he seems firm about not doing OTAs again).