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The Thursday Line - NFL Week 8 Picks

My deficit to the Brit Down Under remains overall record is 16-20. That will change after this week, I can promise you that. I feel pretty good about my picks and I am happy to take the other side of his picks this week. You may very well see me back  on top come next Thursday.

Lee's picks after the jump...


Apologies to the HH readership for not sharing my gambling genius last week-that money you didn't get to win last week, can never be re-won and for that I am sorry. Although...Ken didn't put his picks up either, so that money you would have lost following him can never be re-lost, so let's call it even.

My Picks

Bills (+9.5) @ Chiefs
I believe in the Chiefs and the Bucs, because they are two teams that took their medicine for a season or two and built with youth through the draft. They will be two of the most fun teams to follow for the next 4 or 5 years.  But the Bills coaching staff, if they have any motivational capacity whatsoever, has to sell this as the "Get our 1stwin" game, and stop the hurting from the Ravens game last week.  I don't know if the Bills will win, but I am relying on them at least covering.  Bills

Dolphins (PK) @Bengals
Look...I know this is a family blog and we are meant to keep our decorum.  But HOW THE F*@K IS THIS GAME A PICK ‘EM!?!?!?!?!?!   Miami is a really good team-the Bengals are a really bad team.  Miami plays well in tight situations. The Bengals put up stats in garbage time. Miami is mentally tough. Cincy has Carson Palmer.  The mind boggles really does.  (Oh, and of course I know Cincy will win just to spite me for being so belligerent about this pick, but even if that happens, I was still right)  Dolphins

Titans (+3.5) @ Chargers
This is a game between the stat leaders who don't know how to win games, and Vince Young the prototype QB who "Just wins football games". Therefore, even though it would not surprise me at all if the Chargers win this game by 30 points I have to pick the Titans, even though I believe the Chargers will win every stat barring scoring in this game.  Titans

Steelers (Pk) @ Saints
This one is a tough, tough game to pick, but it's impossible not to take the Steelers, right?  What's more important: desperation, home field, talent or form? Those are the options that must be weighed.  There is little doubt the Saints need it more. They will be at home and Brees would actually have been able to prepare this week if it wasn't for a birth interrupting his schedule.  The Saints need this more, but I need an extra million dollars more than Bill Gates...I guarantee he gets it before me.  Steelers


I told you Lee was easy pickings this week. Those four losses get me back to even. The following games get me back on top:

Carolina Panthers @ St. Louis Rams (-2.5)
Sam Bradford will put a little more of the burden on himself this week. They won't leave their opponent in the game until the end two weeks in a row. I have the Rams winning big. Carolina is going to make too many mistakes to keep this game close. RAMS

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts (-5.5)
Peyton Manning...on Monday Night Football...against a team that destroyed them earlier in the season. No way Peyton lets the free-falling Texans make him look bad twice in the same season. By the 4th Quarter, it will seem as if the Colts are playing for BCS points. COLTS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)
I loved the magic out of Josh Freeman last week, but I don't expect him to be able to carry it over into the desert. I believe in Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm. That offense will put enough points on the board to prevent Freeman from being able to steal it at the end. CARDS

Minnesota Vikings @ New England Patriots (-4.5)
Can things get any worse for the Vikings? Uhhhhh...yeah...just ask Dallas. Favre looks gimpy, Moss looks lost and Childress looks like Major Dad. On top of that, the Patriots are quietly playing some sound ball. They are not the world-beaters we saw a few years ago, but Tom Brady is still a first-class signal-caller and he sleeps with Gisele. Somehow, that is important to my bet. PATRIOTS