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Daily Slop: McNabb Contract Will Wait til Off-Season

Redskins Insider - Shanahan: no contract talks with McNabb during the season
Ken, you can stop writing your weekly whining posts for the next few months. Please take out your anger on your 3 cats.

Redskins Insider - At least two weeks until Clinton Portis returns
Shanny: "With a third degree separation, you don't want to push it too hard. We just kind of have to wait and see. To me, it'll be a minimum of two weeks before he's able to even push it."

James Davis Signed To The Practice Squad
Davis starred as a running back at Clemson, where he overlapped with Buffalo Bills rookie C.J. Spiller. He's the kind of one-cut running back who has the potential to star in Mike Shanahan's system, and is definitely a practice squad guy to keep an eye on.

Lions Place Zack Follett On Injured Reserve - Pride Of Detroit
The Lions have placed linebacker Zack Follett on injured reserve, ending his season. Tough blow, but all things considered, it's a relief he's walking.

LaRon Landry Gets A Haircut (Video)
Just watch this now...LaRon admits how bad last year was. I'm so over that...there was obviously no coaching...makes total sense why he played the way he did.

Redskins Insider - Albert Haynesworth looking familiar to Lions' coach
While reviewing film of the Redskins' last game, Schwartz saw something familiar to him: "It's him playing in a 4-3. It's him being disruptive, attacking blockers, knocking them back, affecting the run and the pass."

Redskins Insider - London Fletcher's streak would be tops if Brett Favre sits
London Fletcher is second on the list with 199 straight appearances.

The new #Nats home jersey
Eh...Not bad not great. The cursive definitely wins zero originality points but it looks good.

Blackout Likely For Sunday's Lions-Redskins Game - Pride Of Detroit
Sunday's game between the Lions and Redskins will likely be blacked out in DET, as 10,000 tickets still remain.

Seahawks' Russell Okung still questionable with high-ankle sprain - ESPN

Joe Flacco dresses up like 'Jersey Shore' star for Halloween (Pictures)