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Who Should Redskins Fans Root For Tonight on Monday Night Football: Giants or Cowboys?

Who will Redskins fans be cheering on tonight?
Who will Redskins fans be cheering on tonight?

I have been tossing this around since yesterday afternoon. Once the final whistle blew on the Eagles loss to the Tennessee Titans, first place in the NFC East was just a Giants loss away. I usually find myself unconcerned with such things at this point of the season, but absent any other factors, I would happily root for a New York defeat.

The only problem is they play the Dallas Cowgirls. I have a fairly staunch rule regarding rooting for Dallas. I don't do it. I hate the thought of doing it. It sickens me.

In fact, the thought of watching a Giants/Cowgirls game is insanely unappealing. Is it wrong to root for a natural disaster? Just asking.

I would not otherwise tune in to this matchup without putting something on the line, if even just emotionally. So I have to ask myself if it is worth rooting for the Cowgirls to make the Redskins look better in Week 8. (answer after the jump)

I don't think it is worth it to root for Dallas tonight. I think having Dallas at 1-5 is more important right now than New York losing. I don't want Dallas gaining any momentum at this point. I would rather see a 3-team race develop in the NFC East than a 4-team race heading into November. The disarray that would ensue in Dallas would also be unbelievably entertaining. Then again, you could argue that Dallas is already out of it and that a win even tonight does nothing for them, given they still have Indy, Green Bay, New Orleans and Philly twice on their schedule still.

This is not an easy decision. But I am going to go with the prospect of a 1-5 Dallas team in a full-on free-fall. In addition to that, we get New York twice in the last five weeks of the season. I remain hopeful that not only will those games be meaningful, but that taking care of our own business will be enough for us to make the postseason.

What do you think?