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Daily Slop: Mark Rypien Back in the News

Redskins' DeAngelo Hall and Jim Haslett have heated disagreement over coverages
On Wednesday morning, Shanahan singled out Hall at a team meeting at Redskins Park, citing a need for better communication among players and coaches, the three employees said.

Washington Redskins' Phillip Daniels excited to watch son, DaVaris Daniels, play in person - ESPN Chicago
(not so) Awesome story how Phillip hasn't seen his kid since July.

Hearing will determine Rypien's fate - The Denver Post
Canucks forward Rick Rypien who was suspended for that altercation with a fan...yea, he's related to our own Mark Rypien.

Carlos Rogers Discusses His Hands. Again.
Best quote in this is Carlos saying how sorry the offense was last year. Cutler expects to be blitzed by Redskins
Ya think?

D.C. Sports Bog - What it feels like to get a concussion
Alzner tells some crazy stories about his former teammate. For offense to click, Bears must be in synch
Kurt Warner talks through some film of why Cutler and the Bears D both blow. Urlacher among players speaking out over hits
"It’s freaking football. There are going to be big hits. I don’t understand how they can do this after one weekend of hitting. And I can’t understand how they can suspend us for it. I think it’s a bunch of bull (crap). … You know what we should do? We should just put flags on everybody. Let’s make it the NFFL — the National Flag Football League. It’s unbelievable."

 Jacksonville Jaguars turn to Todd Bouman, Patrick Ramsey for QB insurance - ESPN
Can it get any more embarrassing down there? I mean, at least if you sign Jeff George the Jags would be watchable.

Cutler's turn to bring heat :: The SouthtownStar :: Sports
Martz: "How confident am I that it's going to come together right away? I can't sit here and tell you that."

The NFL Injury Report
Mike Sellers having a limited practice is news to me. Skins definitely win the injury report battle so far vs the Bears.Jim Williams: Could Redskins-Ravens become an annual event? | Washington Examiner

With 18-game schedule, Ken will get his wish of a yearly Ravens/Redskins game. Joy...we play a top-ranked team every year while the Niners get the Raiders.

Players think Terrell Owens is the most overrated in NFL - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Haynesworth is ranked just above Eli Manning but below Romo. Best. Poll. Ever.

Deanna Favre Speaks: "I'm Handling This Through Faith"
Save me Jebus.

Jaime Moreno wraps up extraordinary career Saturday | American Soccer News
Last chance to see him this Saturday at RFK.