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Latest News out of Redskins Park on Cooley, Rocky, and Haynesworth

  • Brian Urlacher (groin) and Lance Briggs (ankle) both sitting out Bears practice. I'd be surprised if they didn't start.
  • Rocky and Haynesworth both went a full practice today (great news)
  • Redskins Insider reported Cooley practiced in some drills today and that Shanahan said he expects Cooley to be cleared to fully practice tomorrow (AMAZING NEWS...dammit, I cut Kevin Walter to add Fred Davis in fantasy (cue the Price is Right loser horn)).
  • Carlos Rogers not high on the Bears O: "With this team, like I said, you see a lot of sacks, interceptions. A lot of times, [Cutler] just throws right into coverage."
  • Larry Weisman reportsDonovan McNabb says he expects contract extension "soon" but puts no timetable on it.
  • Laron Landry strongly disagrees with the NFL new hitting regulations...and I like it.

"I'm not going to stop playing the way I do," Landry said. "I'm not going to stop my intensity, I'm not going to stop being aggressive out there. That's just the way I've always played. I don't know any other way to play.