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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays (on Wednesday)

1. Well, when you don't get home from the game until well after 1 AM on Monday morning, you don't get a case of the Mondays until about Wednesday. The bad news, it really does feel like Monday today. The good news, that makes it a short week! Here is a simple formula for determining when the Sixpack comes out on any given week:

Always Monday UNLESS there is a keg at the tailgate AND the game goes down to the wire in a nationally broadcast evening game.

2. I never root for anyone over the Redskins. I wasn't rooting for Peyton Manning. But I have to say it was a treat to watch the guy in person. The dude is a machine. It's like he is playing Madden out there, moving his playrs around and generally being able to free someone up for a play. Multiple times during the game, I was absolutely blown away by how good he is.

3. Let's look ahead to the Bears, shall we? How much should we fear that defense? They only give up 84 yards per game, and just over 3 yards per attempt. I'll be interested in the Hogs Haven faithful calling the Over/Under there. Will Torrain break 84 yards on the ground? I say yes. I am not as confident he will get over 4 yards per carry, but I am betting he will get more than the 20 carries he got last week.

4. Did Mike Martz steal Steve Spurrier's playbook? Seriously, what kind of protection scheme is Martz giving Cutler? The dude has spent more time on his back than Jenna Jameson. Martz could be tried for assault if he continues to trot out Jay Cutler behind that sieve they call an offensive line in Chicago.

5. Haynesworth is still a Skin...whoopdee-dooooo. I guess I am left to hope that we figure out a way to use him to our benefit. There is no questioning his talent, but his obvious knack for turning it on and off is a joke. When the Collective Bargaining negotiations really start to get contentious, his name and his game are going to be front and center. The NFLPA might not want to admit it, but at least one player has told me that his actions this offseason and throughout the regular season will be a sticking point in the upcoming process. Way to screw over your peers Albert. Whether or not the "Haynesworth Issue" prompts any kind of specific legislation remains to be seen, but we would all be naive to believe it will not be part of the discussions.

6. I beg all of you out there to not look ahead to the Monday Night Philly game in a month. I don't want to hear what record we will have when we play that game. We have two games to play before then that we can lose if we start worrying about the Philly tilt now. Please don't sleep on Detroit especially.