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Daily Slop: Redskins DLine 31st in Tackles; Video of Defensive Meltdowns vs Colts

Redskins Insider - Statistical analysis: Lucky turnovers, misleading tackle stats and other notes
As a unit, the Skins Defensive Line has accounted for 13 percent of the team's tackles, second worst for 3-4 defenses and for the league as a whole.

Redskins Playing Time Vs. Colts
4th quarter offense was atrocious and givne Manning's quick snaps, Kemo, Carriker, and Phillip Daniels saw the field 4 snaps each out of 68. Eesh. One would think the Bears would try a similar game plan.

NFL Videos: Playbook: Colts vs. Redskins recap
Pre-snap alignment killed the Redskins. Reed Doughty gets killed in this film breakdown. On on of these plays Jarmon gets taken out at NT...which Haynesworth could have helped. On the offensive side, Trent Williams got OWNED by Freeney.

Skins show the way :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mike Mulligan
Quote: "Shanahan, of course, is from Franklin Park. Before accepting the job in Washington this year, a league source said he waited to find out Lovie Smith's fate because he would've been interested in the Bears' job. He could've coached the hometown team and his old quarterback protege, too."

D.C. Sports Bog - Has Donovan McNabb been unclutch?
Jason Campbell's '08 and '09 numbers are better than McNabb. I did some digging and found stats that Campbell threw the ball 30+ yards those two years 8% and 14%....McNabb is at 21%. Campbell's stats had a lot to do with short passes and not winning games.

Video: Canadian football players brawl with fans in stands - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
This is unbelievable. No player smashes a crate over a fan's head.

Tennessee Titans' Vince Young has mild sprain, listed day to day - ESPN
fantasy alert.

Owner Jerry Jones says Dallas Cowboys can defy odds - ESPN Dallas
Trent Dilfer: "This team is not mentally tough which why you consistently see so many mistakes." I think their OLine blows and you can't win with that.

The Year In NFL Concussions (So Far): A Horrifying Video Compilation
There have been at least 46 concussions in the NFL this season. Here's 14 of them.

Joe Posnanski " Posts NFL Coaches as Players "
Shanahan ranked #29...not shocking given the extent of his collegiate injury (which also didn't mention a motorcycle accident he was in - luckily not hurt bad there).

No, ESPN Did Not Tell The MNF Coaches To Take Timeouts selling pictures of Harrison and Meriweather hits - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Stay classy Roger Goodell.

Jeff Fisher was kidding. Geez...I so wanted to believe this.