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Chicago Bears' OLine Is Worse than the Redskins OLine Last Year (Seriously)

I know that's hard to believe...but let's introduce some stats. The Bears lead the league in Sacks Allowed (27) and QB hits (45). The next closest team is the Eagles at 20 sacks (Skins have allowed 14). 

Quick: How many current OLinemen can you name for the Bears? If you guessed former Redskins (and Terrapin) Edwin Williams, you'd be right. We're only 6 games into the season and Chicago has already started 4 different OL combinations (none of which have worked). And don't let the stats fool you...opposing teams are not just getting sacks...they're consistently getting free runs into the backfield.

The Bears Center, Olin Kreutz, is the only OLine player who has started every game. So, the Oline looks like this:

LT - Frank Omiyalie
LG - Chris Williams (moved from LT and coming off hamstring injury)
C - Olin Kreutz
RG - Edwin Williams (started 2 games)
RT - J'Marcus Webb (started 2 games)

For me to say this OLine is dreadful has as much credibility as Ken Meringolo's line of manties underwear, so thankfully, Dick Butkus spoke up this week after their dreadful showing versus the Seahawks:

"The offensive line is awful," [Butkus] said. "The 'Skins and whoever else we play have to be looking at tapes today and licking their chops. ... It would be different if it was just the left tackle blowing a block every other play. But this is the left guard, then the left tackle, then the right guard."

The Bears are on pace for 67 sacks allowed. To put that in perspective, the Redskins allowed 46 sacks all of last season. Cutler was already concussed once and with the Redskins having just played the Colts, Landry, Rak, and Andre Carter should be poised for career days. Personally, I'd LOVE to see Haynesworth lined up in the A-gap on Edwin Williams' side. This is the image in my mind right now