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Quick Recap: Colts Buck the Redskins

I'm still trying to figure out this loss. The number of dropped balls by our corners, the ease at which the Colts ran the ball, Cooley getting knocked out of the game  - where does one start? I know...Albert Haynesworth. Why exactly was he inactive? Coaches said he didn't get enough of the game plan in - fine...but why not suit him? When Addai is shredding this defense and we're getting little pass-rush on Manning...wouldn't it have been nice to have Albert on the sideline as part of your adjustments?  

The Skins actually had a good game statistically except for the number of penalties. Ryan Torain lived up to his nickname the "All Torain Vehicle" running with power and finesse. 

RVAparks called out Redskins fans for needing to be louder, and sure enough, the fans were not. Manning consistently hiked the ball with 20 seconds left on the play-clock when noise was still at a minimum. Fedex Fail.

An item of concern, this was Cooley's 4th concussion (he had 3 in college).

Full stat line after the jump...

1st Downs 22 23
Passing 1st downs 17 15
Rushing 1st downs 5 8
1st downs from Penalties 0 0
3rd down efficiency 3-10 4-13
4th down efficiency 0-0 0-1
Total Plays 68 72
Total Yards 469 335
Passing 299 222
Comp-Att 25-38 29-45
Yards per pass 7.9 4.9
Rushing 170 113
Rushing Attempts 29 24
Yards per rush 5.9 4.7
Red Zone (Made-Att) 2-3 3-4
Penalties 3-15 7-53
Turnovers 3 2
Fumbles lost 3 0
Interceptions thrown 0 2
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 27:30 32:30