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Miss DC 2009 Jen Corey Helps Preview Colts Game (Sorta)

Jen Corey showing off her love for the Skins.
Jen Corey showing off her love for the Skins.

So it's been a busy week for Ken and I, and as a result, our questions got to Jen a little late...which is why her answers are a bit short (it is happy hour after all). 

Hogs Haven: Nice prediction last week picking the Skins over the Packers. Who ya got this week and why? 

Jen: This week, I'm not as confident about it, but I think we have the ability to win.  We just need no injuries.

The Redskins injuries last week always make me nervous given the lack of depth...which Redskin is most important this week vs the ColtsTrent Williams, Laron Landry, or Brian Orakpo?

Well, by now, you should know my love for Orakpo. Landry has been having a great season so we don't need to worry too much about him. I think we really need Williams to step it up for us.

How do you stop Peyton Manning?...and second, what do you think of his Mastercard commercials?

The man can act. Much better than Ray Lewis's Old Spice commercial. And although Peyton is way cooler than his brother, I still think we can take him down. I don't think Katie Stam (aka Miss Indiana 2009) is exceptionally hot. How in the heck did she a.) beat you, and b.) win all of Miss America in 2009!!? 

Ok. Katie Stam (Miss Indiana 2008) was Miss America 2009, but  I competed at Miss America 2010 in January, which Caressa Cameron (Miss Virginia 2009) won. I guess Miss America didn't want a tall blonde? I really have no idea why I didn't win. Rush Limbaugh was one of my judges. Call him.

Dammit. I had my years off. Caressa at least respectable looking (sorry Katie, maybe it's just a photogenetic thing - like for Ken). It sounds like to me Jen you didn't concede to Rush's backstage advances or his request for some OTC Vicodin.

And lastly, rank in order (and why) who'd you want to share a studio apartment with the rest of your life: Marion Barry, Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones, and Kevin Federline.

1. Daniel Snyder, this way I could invite all you guys over and maybe we can talk some sense into him.
2. Kevin Federline, he's got his life back together and he can't be that annoying, right?
3. Marion Barry, because he probably wouldn't mind a party.
4. Jerry Jones, I don't need his Cowboys stuff messing with my decor.     

I think I would pick Marion Barry first because crack probably would best help me forget the Jim Zorn era.