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Daily Slop: Addai Will Play; Lavar Recounts His Experience Against Manning

Injured Dallas Cowboys C Andre Gurode, WR Dez Bryant leave practice - ESPN Dallas
Gurode has knee injury. Cowboys are F'd (capital F).

Hard Hits with LaVar Arrington - Memory lane: How we beat Peyton Manning in 2002
Great read shedding some light on Manning's cadence.

The Official Blog of Chris Cooley: Hacky Sack
Watch video of the Skins pelting each other in the back with hacky sacks. Maybe we should incorporate this into Redskins Lunchbox.

Redskins Insider - Rocky McIntosh says he's fine. But go ask coach
"How am I? What did Coach [Mike] Shanahan say about it?," McIntosh asked. "I'm fine, but go talk to Coach Shanahan. He can give you an update. He'll provide you guys with a more accurate update than I can." Blog >> Addai should be fine for Week 6
With Donald Brown (hamstring) and Mike Hart (hip) both banged up, Addai could actually see the lion’s share of the carries.

Redskins Insider - Fred Davis is not producing as much as expected
"I can't have any feeling about" the situation, Davis said. "Really. In this league you can't. Once you start having feelings, and you get sensitive about the business, you just can't do that. You just got to deal with it and keep working hard. You've got Chris Cooley, a guy who's gone to the Pro Bowl, he makes a lot of money, you got to play him. So it is the way it is...I've just got to catch every ball I get and block everything perfect."

Mike Shanahan Talks Practice. Also, Some Links
Nice round up of Skins news including some awesome video of a camera strapped to a parachuter going into a Michigan game last week.

Detailed look at mind games b/w Manning & Broncos (via ExtremeSkins)
Fantastic read.

Devin Thomas thinks Redskins cut him because of Fantasia video - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Sounds about right to me.

Beauties On The Beach Part 8: Burgundy & Gold
Chapter 8 of the Redskins cheerleader calendar shoot is here. The ladies show off the Burgundy and Gold! NSFW...but worth the risk.