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NFL Trade Rumors: Should the Redskins Be Interested in Panthers' DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart?

Unless you own a Redskins' Jason Taylor jersey, you are probably in the same boat as me that I do not want to see any more draft picks go out the door, but that certainly doesn't mean it won't happen. posted an interesting piece yesterday how the 0-5 Panthers should be trading one of their star running backs:

-       DeAngelo Williams is in the last year of his contract
-       John Fox is likely done with the Panthers come January why not start stock piling draft choices?
-       Panthers are 0-5 and starting a rookie QB

With the Redskins playing competitive football against the NFL's elite teams, it's imperative the Redskins at least look into the cost. The trade deadline is next Tuesday, October 19th. Clinton Portis' separated groin injury cannot be underestimated and Ryan Torain is not a full-time starter that can carry this team. If the future is now, Bruce and Mike clearly were not referring to the RB situation that features two of three RBs that were not on this team's original 53. Torain is a quality asset to this team, but he cannot do it alone.

Portis was on the Mike Wise show this morning saying he vows to play again in 2010 whether it's for the Redskins or whoever, but he really wants to get out there and get to 10,000 yards and Riggins' record. Given his's a tough dilemma. We all love Portis. He's a warrior, but in regards to this being a business...he has 3 more years on his contract at roughly $8.5 million a year (through 2013).

So, that begs the question...what would the Redskins have to give up? The Seahawks got Pro-Bowl RB Marshawn Lynch for a 4th round 2011 pick and a conditional 2012 pick, which will be a 6th round pick (or 5th if he hits some performance benchmarks).

Lynch (687) and DeAngelo Williams (822) have similar career rushing attempt numbers although Williams averages a full yard more on his average yards per carry (5.1). The way Jammal Brown has gotten ABUSED this year at Right Tackle, all I can really do is wish the Redskins still had that pick (a conditional 2011 3rd or 4th rounder still to be determined). Jon Stewart is no slouch either averaging 4.7 yards per carry on 441 career rushing attempts. Imagine the Kool-Aid talk if one of these RBs were brought in?

If you were Bruce Allen, what players would you be looking at to bolster this RB core? I wouldn't be opposed to see Chad Simpson get a couple carries. With the 3rd and 4th pick, to get a good bargain on a trade the Redskins would have to include a player...Haynesworth...Dockery anyone? Can the Redskins get a Pay It Forward for the Devin Thomas release? The Redskins do have multiple 6th and 7th round picks, but those have as much value as Ken's Garbage Pail Kids card collection.