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Pour Some Sugar On Me -- Regime Change For This Redskins Team Faster

Wow...we are 3-2 and in control of our destiny. Sure, I predicted this, but I predict it every year. I am as shocked as anyone. Let's get to the Fight.

Ten Yard Fight -- 10 Chances to Make One Good Point

1. Cutting Devin Thomas is the latest piece of evidence we have that Shanahan does not plan to wait until the offseason to get the kind of roster he wants for his system. Both Joe Gibbs and Jim Zorn inherited players that were less than suited for the style of play they preferred. Gibbs took a guy like Clinton Portis and added a few pounds to his frame so he could bang more in the power running game. Zorn decided to fill the holes on his roster with plays for Hunter Smith. Shanahan is turning this thing over right in front of our eyes. I like the sense of urgency. 

2. The inactive status of Dockery had me scratching my head. Here is another guy that does not fit the Shanahan style we are told. I guess I can't praise the roster formation above and then criticize this...but don't we just always seem to need offensive linemen by the end of the game? I have to believe we would have been happy to have a healthy Dockery in the 4th quarter this past week.

3. Is there a team that would surrender a high draft pick or picks for a Haynesworth/Dockery package? I hope we are trying to find out.

4. Barring injuries, we might get used to hearing the names Armstrong and Torain for a long time to come. Cutting Devin Thomas was as sure a sign as any that Shanahan is looking to move forward with Anthony Armstrong. This is Torain's second opportunity under Shanny. These guys could be contributors on this offense for years.

5. LaRon Landry is so much fun to watch this year. All offseason we commented on how hard he was working and how jacked he looked. I assume a lot of guys work hard but his participation in the offseason program really seems to be paying off. cough...Albert...cough

6. The Giants win over the Texans has me worried. First of all, it looks like I am wrong--again--about the Texans. Secondly, it looks like that the Giants have woken up on defense. That is not good. Finally, it is a common opponent that we share with New York and Dallas. And we are the only ones who lost. I think it would be wrong to read too much into that, but early in the season, it is one of the barometers we have to judge the Redskins.

7. Don Burgundy is every bit the MVP dark horse right now. That is NFL MVP by the way. I can't wait to get clobbered for saying that but is there any way we are 3-2 without #5?

8. I said it all last week: the Packers are a dumb team. They have loads of talent and that offense is crazy potent, but they are a stupid team. They have battled their own errors all season and I was hoping we would benefit from their mistakes. We actually matched a few of their bonehead plays but we got five 1st downs from penalties by Green Bay. The Packers got none.

9. I can't stress this enough: it is simply the wrong thing to do to photograph your genitalia and text it to someone. It is 2010...there is no way that does not come back to haunt you. How in God's name do people not know this?

10. Kevin, check your phone. I just texted you something.

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