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Meeting the Shanahans; Debunking the Bad Rumors

I am getting loads of IM messages and emails from Giants and Eagles fans stating the same old crap that Shanahan sucks and did nothing after Elway. If people ask you that question, fire back this question: "Do you know what Shanahan did this off-season?" Washington Examiner explains:

Mike Shanahan is a competitor and getting fired by the Broncos did not sit well with him at all, so last summer he went on tour. In August, he visited the Patriots and spent time with Bill Belichick watching practice and talking to players. 

He spent time in Latrobe talking with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger about what the defending Super Bowl Champs were doing to get ready for the season.

He even ventured down to Gainesville to watch the University of Florida Gators go through practice and spent time with Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow talking about what they were doing to defend their BCS National Title and to reconnect with the college game.

It was the making of Shanahan 2.0.

I'll take my chances with these Shanahans thank you very much. 

Here's some footage of Kyle Shanahan from yesterday talking about how his Mom is his agent (huh? yes) and he can't come to Washington since his wife is due to give birth any day.