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Thiesmann-Gibbs Duo Calling Jets vs Bengals Game

Joe Gibbs comments on the similar via <a href=""></a>
Joe Gibbs comments on the similar via

The way this season has gone for the Redskins, I had ZERO intention of watching the Bengals vs Jets game. But then it hit me that the duo of Joe "I love talking" Theismann and Joe Gibbs will be calling the game on NBC, Saturday. Tom Hammond will be doing the play-calling, but how often do you get a Super Bowl QB and Coach in the same booth? If that's not odd enough, guess who the eye candy on the sideline is....wait for it....wait for it....Tiki Barber. Ugh. I guess it's better than Goose. I'm sure this is a dreadful quarter for most NFL fans, but I seriously am looking forward to this. 

In the prep to this week, Gibbs compared the Bengals' loss of Chris to Henry to that of Sean Taylor. Marvin is handling it as best as anyone can imagine. How fitting that fatty Rex predicted the Jets are the best team in the playoffs? Not just go Bungles, go Bengals.