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Jason Campbell & Clinton Portis Feuding

You won't be seeing this next year.
You won't be seeing this next year.

Update 11:04PM: Campbell is reporting the "beef is squashed." Campbell continued that the two of them  "talked about everything that was said. [Portis] apologized at some of things he said were taken wrong way."

Just as I announced the great news of Shanahan signing with Washington, Redskins Insider posts the public war of words going on between #17 and #26. 

We all know Portis avoids practice.

We've said Campbell is a warrior, but not necessarily the on-field general that pro-bowlers inhibit.

But Clinton Portis for no reason I can think of (but to save his high-priced job) called Campbell out during a radio interview, which prompted Jason to come out of his reserved shell and absolutely BLAST Portis. Must read....more dirty laundry I'm sure to come out. Portis later said he had no interest in being a you are here for the paycheck. Awesome. Bye Bye Clinton.

Really dirty move of Portis to blast Campbell, then praise Shanahan in the same interview. Some quotes after the jump.



"I wonder the same thing," Portis said. "And no disrespect to Jason, but everybody in that locker room can tell you, you'll never see Jason mad, you'll never see Jason's tempo change, you'll never see Jason get mad.

"He going to get up, dust himself off, he going to give you everything he got. But as a leader, you never heard -- it was always, 'Jason couldn't take control of the huddle,' or he didn't do this or he didn't do that. That wasn't Jason's character.

"I think Jason, you can't place so much on somebody who's not ready for that situation. I think Jason has enough trouble in getting the plays in and worrying about this, compared to controlling the huddle and making sure, 'Oh, we do this and we do that.' But you go and vote Jason Campbell [as captain] -- you know Jason Campbell ain't go and tell the coach, 'Well, we need to do this or we need to do that,' or 'This is how the players want it.' The only person I think would do it is London Fletcher."


"How is he going to say I'm not a leader?" Campbell said in a lengthy phone interview. "I mean, that's just not true. To me, that's somebody who shows that they don't know what a real leader is. A leader is not someone who leads by the wrong example. A leader is someone who is trying to do the right thing and trying to lead by example, and not just [being] about themselves. There's a reason guys get selected as captains, and there's a reason guys don't get selected as captains. Obviously, he doesn't have the respect of the locker room to be a captain. For someone to try to take a shot at me at the end of the season, after they haven't even been around, only speaks about their character anyways.    

Clinton's comments can be taken as stating a simple truth, but when you're sitting on the IR and out clubbing (which I have pictures of), it really is uncalled for. Bruce Allen was spot on:"the status quo is unacceptaable" around here. We've known it for years....good luck Bruce and Shanny!