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Redskins Coach, Joe Bugel aka 'Boss Hogg' Expected to Retire Today

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Among the sweeping changes coming to the Redskins organization, Redskins legendary Offensive Line coach, Joe Bugel, has decided to hang it up.Joe of course is most known for his offensive unit during the 1982 training camp known as the "Hogs," which of course this website's name is built upon. 

Joe has always been one to lay the thunder with his firm discipline, and I don't think anyone can argue with his uncanny ability to get the most out of his players. Here's Joe's recant of recruiting Joe Jacoby:

Bugel recalls the time in 1981 when then-Redskins General Manager Bobby Beathard told him to head to the University of Louisville to take a look at an offensive lineman. Louisville's program wasn't on anyone's radar screen, but Bugel obeyed his orders and took off to meet a 6-7, 300-pounder named Joe Jacoby.

"We worked him out for an hour and a half," Bugel said. "I said, 'Something is wrong for this kid to be this good without anyone knowing about him.' "

On draft day, when there were 12 rounds instead of today's seven, Jacoby's name never got called. That's when the Redskins signed him as a free agent.

"We gave him probably $5,000 to sign and a couple of roast beef sandwiches," Bugel said.    

And when Jon Jansen broke both of his thumbs:

"[Bubba Tyer, the Redskins' director of sports medicine] said: 'Could you kindly sit down for a minute?' ... Bugel said, 'Why, am I sick?' .... Bubba said, 'You're going to be.' "    

"As soon as I approached [Jansen], he said, 'Don't worry, I'll be okay,' " Bugel said. "He didn't want any sympathy. He wants you to think he won't miss a beat. Not many guys would be able to play, let alone practice."

"Obviously, I would rather play with 10 good fingers," Jansen said. "But four on each hand will do." One advantage is Jansen almost certainly won't be called for holding. "I would have a good argument," Jansen said, grinning.   

Thanks for everything Joe. You will be missed, but it's clear the change that is needed at Redskins Park needs to be a full sweep. In regards to 2009, when things were at their lowest going into the week against the Falcons, the Redskins played a wretched first half. Joe Bugel tore his offensive line a new one, and the team responded instantly:

"Man up," Joe Bugel screamed at halftime, with a few other hard phrases thrown in. "Go to work."    

The Redskins clearly lacked a disciplinary at the top, and Joe continued to challenge the players while most had packed it in. Thanks again Joe and we wish you all the best in whatever lies ahead. The manner of how he continued to work through his daughter's death in 2008 speaks volumes for his dedication and commitment. Hail to the Redskins.

Dan Steinberg was able to collect a lot of quotes from the players during mini-camp this season regarding Coach Bugel, and they speak volumes of the respect Boss Hogg received:

"Violent, smart, physical are really what his three turn-ons are," Colt Brennan said.

"He gets thoroughly excited by hitting," Chris Cooley added.

"That man's always had a screw loose, always," Mike Sellers said. "You have to be. You've got to deal with 1,500 hundred pounds of linemen, you have to tell them what to do, and he only weighs not even a quarter of what they weigh. It takes a strong man, and he's that man. That man is a tough SOB."

Physically tough, too. Bugel is forever doing push-ups around Redskins Park; "I can say he probably does a thousand a day," Chris Samuels said. ("The only reason he can get a thousand, he only goes like a half-an-inch down and then back up," Samuels added.)

So does this mean he could handle, say, a 60-year old man in a scrap?

"He'd kill 'em," Samuels said, speaking metaphorically. "He'd probably kill a 50-year old guy. He's tough. He's got old-man strength. He's so intense, he's tough and he never lets up."


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