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Bruce Allen Wraps Up Post-Jim Zorn Firing Media Session

I share the sentiment a lot of you have: Zorn never had a chance and 10 years of despair cannot be fixed with hiring Mike Shanahan, although the team is clearly headed in the right direction. A few quotes from Bruce Allen today:

"We're going to change the way we do business."

"I think this team has talent and some leaders who are ready to step up into new roles."

"We're 4-12 as an organization. Everyone is 4-12."

"i want someone who embraces the Redskins history, I think that's very important."

On Campbell: "Well he's ... had 51 starts ... and I don't think he's played his best football yet. ... That's in front of him"

"I think the best way to improve a team is by addition rather than subtraction, and we're gonna add to the talent however we can."

Bruce provided no further details on all our burning questions, but I can honestly say I like his persona. He can communicate with the fans, which the Redskins have not head for a long time. 

The one comment I disagree with is "addition rather than subtraction." Certain players need to go or else the locker room will continue to be a mess. It's clear though that the days of the free agents running the team are over thanks to the arrival of Bruce Allen.

Oh, and go ahead and place all your Vegas bets for Shanahan as the next coach. Snyder's plane was seen leaving Denver today.

Note: I just finished my interview with Chris Gordon of NBC 4 news, so look for that tonight on the 5pm and or 6pm news Sports.