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Redskins Backups Start; Chargers Backups Finish; Backup Announcers On Hand To Call It

Just a quick one this morning (the headline has been kicking around my head all night.) As is always the case, the offseason brings way more action and interest around Redskins Nation than any other time of year. Good thing for us they waste little time in bringing the pain.

As for the game, it occurred to me that we lost that game the same way we lost most of our games this season (especially the ones in the beginning of the season.) We lost that game the way bad teams lose games. The offsides penalty by Dockery at the end was crucial. And then watching the Chargers second-team offense (some third-stringers as well) move the ball on our starting defense was simply depressing.

We will all have ample opportunity to talk about Zorn this week, but I can honestly say that after watching the last couple weeks, I am ready for change. My mind was not made up a few weeks ago but I have zero doubt now that a new direction is needed (mind you, change was always necessary, but I wavered at times this season whether or not Zorn should have been part of it.)

Gonna be a lot of activity here in the coming weeks everyone. Stay with us. Here is a quick poll for you guys that stays away from JC, Shanahan, Zorn, Cerrato and Allen questions. If anyone has any season-ending questions for us, kick them up here.