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Twitter Recap of the Firing of Redskins' Coach Jim Zorn

Well, the Redskins made the firing as merciful as possible canning Zorn hours after the return flight from San Diego in the dark of the night. Here's a recap of how it went down, and I have to say, I like what I am hearing from Bruce Allen so far. This is not a shock as the Redskins franchise is as bad as I've ever seen, so hopefully this past decade of mis-management will not continue in the least bit.

Over the past year I've got to meet all the members of the DC Media which makes this all the more comical. There are some gems in here:

4:24AM @lindsayczarniak Team source: Jim Zorn was fired as head coach upon teams return from San Diego - is clearing out of Skins Park

@csnwashington: Jim Zorn leaves Redskins Park escorted by team security at 4:45 am. Team and Zorn returned from San Diego at 2:30 AM

@ESPNRadio980 BREAKING NEWS: The Redskins reportedly have fired head coach Jim Zorn

@dcsportsbog Daniel Snyder quotes about all the coaches he's hired and fired

@RedskinsInsider RT @PaulTenorio To clarify other reports - Zorn escort was presumably to keep away small media group that approached Stump Mitchell earlier

@dsportsbog New coach will be third Redskins coach since Bruce Boudreau was hired.

@ESPNRadio980 We will have OFFICIAL word on Zorn from Redskins at 7:30am (10 mins) with the Voice of the Redskins Larry Michael -...

@ESPNRadio980 To clarify the Zorn & Security, Zorn was walking w/staff member to his car this morning, & NOT escorted out of building, so reports r false

@Smoke_Signals ESPN 980, owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, is so desperate for ratings that they used it to announce Zorn's firing

@dcsportsbog What kind of franchise has their play-by-play announcer officially announce that their coach has been fired on the radio?

@RickMaese More Allen: "I felt it was necessary to not waste a moment of time to begin building this team into a winner"

@RedskinsDotCom #Redskins GM Bruce Allen will address media at 12:30 p.m. on Monday...Tune in to for LIVE coverage.

@Snide_Remarks Bruce Allen: "The status quo is not acceptable. I felt it was necessary to not waste a moment of time to begin building this team into a winner."

@RickMaese RT @tombellucco: I pray he's talking about Snyder RT @RickMaese Bruce Allen: "The status quo is unacceptable"

@Snide_Remarks Really sad #Redskins need to hype their radio station by giving it the exclusive on firing before sending out release a minute afterwards.

@Snide_Remarks ESPN980 asked Doc Walker when he knew Zorn wouldn't work. My answer would have been at hiring presser when saying maroon and black.

@davidelfin A good man gone. Jim Zorn has been fired. Jim was over his head in some ways but was also a dealt bad hand by management. I wish him well.

@washingtonpost: Michael Wilbon: Zorn's long, sad vigil finally ends:

@dcsportsbog Joe Theismann on Shanahan getting hired: "Not necessarily."

@JasonLaCanfora with Jim Zorn fired don't expect it will be long til Mike Shanahan lands in DC. he has much staff ready. More on NFLN and

@dcsportsbog This might be the best blog post of my life: the collected faces of Jim Zorn.

@jaimiegrahamA face only a mother could love! #Redskins RT @dcsportsbog: the collected faces of Jim Zorn.

@michelewindsor I just don't want to get excited. I do it every year jsut to get disappointed by Redskins

t@timharvDrove past #Redskins Park on way to work. Flags were not at half mast, but four TV trucks are in the parking lot, all with their antennas up

@AllisonNazarian:please be last Monday I wake up hating Dan Snyder? Pls? 

@ryanohalloranSource: Redskins staff meeting at 10 am. Have to expect all assts will be released now that Zorn is out.

@allisonnazarian Can we fire Fedex Field next and bring back RFK?

@NattyBoAccording to interweb sources, a plane owned by Snyder left from IAD and is scheduled to land in Denver this AM #redskins @redskinsinder

@jesskcostelloAnother one bites the dust. This is getting ridiculous. RT@BreakingNews: Washington Redskins...fires coach Jim Zorn

@extralife Redskins had already effectively fired Zorn when they took away play-calling mid-year :)


We might as well keep it going...what are your 140 character thoughts?


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