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Redskins @ Chargers Comcastic Red Zone Review

Well, we are. Week 17 and another forgettable season for the Redskins. Red zone statistics are the key to winning games, but a look back at the season would say otherwise. If a person that know nothing about football saw this chart, they'd probably think the Redskins were a 14-2 team. The last two games aside, the defense carried this team again even with all the tackling woes. Man, that 0-5 Red Zone efficiency versus the Rams is still such a sore spot for me. I'd; think my friends and I can punch in at least ONE touchdown with five tries. The horny for Zorny train definitely derailed for me after that game and horrific play-calling. 

As for the game today, I really have no predictions. Laron Landry is out, which means Smoot and Kareem Moore will start. I'm almost cheering for them to do well to prove what the fans already know: Laron is not an asset out there. This is likely the last game for a lot of Redskins we all know and love. Win or lose....I can't imagine what the Redskins locker room will be like post-game.

Redskins Red Zone Statistics 2009
  Redskins Offense  Opponent's Offense 
@Giants 2-3 0-3
Rams 0-5 1-3
@Lions 1-2 1-3
Buccaneers    1-3 1-1
@Panthers 2-3 2-3
Chiefs 0-1 0-2
Eagles 2-3 0-0
BYE - -
@Falcons 2-2 1-2
Broncos 2-4 0-1
@Cowboys 0-1 1-2
@Eagles 3-4 1-4
Saints 3-7 0-4
@Raiders 4-4 1-2
Giants 2-2 3-4
Cowboys 0-0 2-3
Total 21-36 (58%) 14-34 (41%)

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