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Chad Rinehart Arrested For Public Intoxication

Redskins Halloween from 2008 via <a href="">redskinsblog</a>
Redskins Halloween from 2008 via redskinsblog

Oh Rinehart. The 24-year old Iowan was arrested for being bombed at Mojo's Pizza House on a late-night munchies run this past Sunday night. There are so many parts of this arrest that irritate me (as a fellow fan of beer).

1.) Who isn't bombed at a pizza place at 2 am? He wasn't driving...just swaying. Come on officer, really?

2.) He was arrested by a 2.5 (ie- COLLEGE CAMPUS COP, specifically an officer with University of Northern Iowa police). How do you not talk your way out of this one? We used to push our college cops in the bushes and then out-run them. I guess it's a little different when you're the most famous person in the entire state of Iowa.

3.) Where were his friends? Usually the "sorry officer, we'll take him home/call a cab now" approach never fails. 

4.) What else is there to do in Iowa but drink? Stumbling around hammered is no way to treat a broken ankle. He should have gone the George Costanza route

5.) Rhino wisely waived the breathalyser. The last thing they need to see is a .20 or higher. 

I won't name names but there are multiple, current Redskins (some on IR, some off) that get BOMBED both during the regular season and off which myself or friends have seen, so Chad is not alone. Either way, Rhino is a bubble NFL player to begin with. Getting bombed while rehabbing a broken ankle couldn't possibly send a worse message to a new Redskins front office looking to fix team laziness. Offenses like this are usually a slap on the wrist, but no team likes bad attention.

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