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Daily Slop: Portis On the Scene

Portis in Wale's music video [Bog]

Devin Thomas & Portis looking sharp at BET Honors (pics) [DC Fab]

Chan Gailey the favorite in Buffalo []....Fans hate it [espn]

Norv gets 4-year extension [espn]....ensure mediocrity

Vikings to incquire about McNabb [Yahoo]

Ladanian likely done in Diego []
I don't see how this team will compete moving forward. Merriman is a FA (and not what he was) as is Sproles. LT is done. No way the Bolts win 13 games next year.

Karlos Dansby a free agent []

Mike Nolan and Josh McDaniels have tiff...Nolan going to the Fins [espn]
This is a big loss for the Broncos. Are there any other Skins fans that wish we had Nolan over Haslett?

On a side note, Elliot in the morning (DC morning radio show) had a debate in my drive in this morning who is the most famous person alive on the planet? Elliot was adamant it was Muhammad Ali, which is absurd. It has to be Obama, Bin Laden, or Michael Jordan. Africa, China, India contain the three largest they have to come into play. There's NO WAY the youth in China know who Ali is. Yao Ming is probably more famous world-wide than Ali. That gives me an idea to do a post later this week for the most famous Redskin of all time...I'll get that up later this weke.