Poll: The best choice for starting QB in 2010 is...

I'm wondering what the consensus is on our board on this issue.  I asked a few months ago where we thought JC would end up in 2010.  The majority thought he would stay.  In light of the recent talk about Campbell staying or going and how much we can/must upgrade the offensive line, I wanted to poll you on the question of who actually is the best choice.  

My take after the jump.

My personal opinion breaks down according depending on objective:

1) OBJECTIVE is to WIN NOW: Sign Pennington (or McNabb if available).  Draft for the line.

2) OBJECTIVE is to WIN IN 2012: Again, sign Pennington, but draft the QBOTF if value is there.  Keep Brennan on the roster.

3) OBJECTIVE is to SHOOT for BOTH: Keep Campbell.  Sign a veteran backup like Kitna.  Draft for the line.



If next year is uncapped, the objective should NOT be (2).  We may, however, be able to build a top-notch line through FA and still draft for a QB.  The Redskins are at a competitive advantage without a cap and should ransack the FA and trade markets, looking to take on the financial burdens of smaller market teams.  (2) is much riskier than (1) or (3) because of the risk/reward of a rookie QB.  In an uncapped year, we, as a rich team, can afford to hedge.