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Daily Slop: Hayensowrth Does Not Want to Play a 3-4

#92 does not want a 3-4 [twitter]

If the Redskins switch to a 3-4 defense-that is a huge issue for Haynesworth who acc. to a NFL source-was only looking for 4-3 in FA    

Hayensworth chimes on Lane Kiffin [tennessean]

 Is it selfish? Yeah, and it puts us in a difficult spot. But professionally, I can see where he's coming from.

Redskins not raising GA ticket prices [AP]
It doesn't say anything about parking or already over-priced club tickets

Greg Blache retires [Insider]
(Does this mean Jerry Gray will make the announcement for him?)

Bobby Turner & Lou Spanos accept job with Skins [Insider]

Bobby Turner is one of the architects of Mike Shanahan's running game. He will have the title associate head coach.The Pittsbugh Post-Gazette is reporting that long-time Steelers assistant Lou Spanos will coach linebackers in Washington.    

Jerry Gray to interview with Seahawks [Insider]

Joe Bugel retirement Video [Skins Blog] (or click here for mp3)
(I highly recommend watching this if you have the time, which you obviously do if you're reading this)

Russ Grimm vomiting story making its' way around the internet [Yahoo]

Awesome collection of Joe Bugel pictures [Skins Blog]