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2009 Hogs Haven Stats

2009 saw a lot of growth in the economy for Hogs Haven. I thought everyone would enjoy seeing the stats for the year in regards to posts, comments, etc. Who's going to be the leaders for 2010?

Stats For 2009

New Members: 1610

Total Comments: 43,472

Total Stories: 598

Total FanPosts: 687

Total FanShots: 297

Most Active Commenters

Most FanPosts

User Count
CJHutch 3600
VA_Skin 2904
KevinE 2670
bigrm18 1861
DbacksSkins 1751
Scott E 1741
Rekka 1541
dr WNC 1524
pas493 1384
smutsboy1 1309
User Count
pas493 36
Pommylee 33
CJHutch 28
dr WNC 27
skinsfan28 21
bigrm18 21
skinaholic 20
shvd98z24 17
Crazy Canton Cuts 16
KevinE 14

Most Stories

User Count
KevinE 407
Ken Meringolo 127
Sugar 55
mmford10 3


For those that don't know, "Sugar" and Ken Meringolo are the same that's 183 stories really.

Most FanShots

User Count
KevinE 145
VA_Skin 26
dr WNC 15
bigrm18 10
hibachi 9
CJHutch 8
DbacksSkins 7
Rekka 6
BayAreaBullet 5
Sugar 5

I think based on the stats it's fair for me to call Ken/Sugar a major slacker! Of course I'm kidding. I've gotten on Ken about this, but he also writes for SB Nation's Fantasy Football site. I've told him to FanShot his articles there on Hogs Haven, but I guess it slipped his mind. A quick archive of them can be seen here