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Hogs Haven Offseason Primer: Help Frame the Debate

Kevin and I wanted to get the word out on our offseason plans. Thanks to the magic of Dan Snyder and his propensity to keep things exciting all year round, we will have no shortage of topics to discuss in the months ahead.

We thought we would provide a loose outline of our plan of attack as we navigate the world of the postseason, free agency, the draft, and all the juicy subplots that pop up in between. Our main goal is to continue to host the best Redskins debate on the interweb, and we know we can't do it without your help. To that end, here is what we are thinking:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: Features/Pieces by Kevin and I will be the item(s) of the day.

Wednesday: We have not landed on the appropriate title for the bit yet, but we want Wednesday to prominently feature a FanPost on the front page. Kevin and I will promote a FanPost on Wednesdays that brings a good point, great analysis, a compelling debate topic, etc. Our community is most benefited when these kinds of discussions make their way to the forefront. During the season, it gets hard to push a lot to the front page because there is such a steady onslaught of news and happenings. But that won't be a problem for a while.
Please note: We will pick a FanPost from among the previous few days, so it doesn't have to just be posted on Wednesday to be considered.


The weekends present more opportunities to push hot debates to the front page.

We encourage you all to use the "Rec" button this offseason more than you did during the regular season. Our decision will most certainly include the amount of rec's different FanPosts get as well as the ongoing commentary attached to each post.

In the last year, our experience with the FanPosts is that they are generally insightful, intelligent, and thought-provoking. As we move forward, we want to incorporate these more prominently into our weekly discussion so that at Hogs Haven we can honestly say we are framing the debate of the day for all Redskins fans.

P.S. This also frees up Wednesdays for Kevin to get his weekly colonic. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to a fun and exciting offseason.


Cheers and HTTR!

Ken and Kevin