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One Million Visitors

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At 9:50pm EST this evening, Hogs Haven received it's 1,000,000 visitor. We recorded over 100,000 visitors in August, our biggest month yet, so it's awesome to be a part of something growing so rapidly. We certainly could not have done it without Will (aka Skin Patrol) who was the first (and previous) captain of this site. He established a strong community for us to take over, which is how Ken and I got to know so many of you. In addition, all of your contributions with Fan Posts and Fan Shots help ensure that we all have so many different voices regarding everything Skins (and sometimes Bengals).

A super big thanks goes to SB Nation, who has worked miracles with all the partnerships they've signed to help promote our content, including deals with Yahoo Sports, CNNSi, CBS Sportsline, and just last week USA Today. Nothing but more good things to come.