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Daily Slop: Cowboys RB Trio Down to 1

NFL & Union Have a Positive Meeting - Bad for Skins [espn]

"The contract won't expire until after the 2010 season. " - I thought this took affect after THIS year. Guess not?  

Cooley & Dockery help cancer patients [Skins Blog]

Trotter back to the Eagles, Garcia cut [espn]

John Fox likely to get fired this week with Cowboys loss [charlotte-obsv]

Felix Jones out next week, Cowboys concerned [espn]

Dolphins acquire Tyler Thigpen for undisclosed 2010 pick [espn]

Dwight Freeney out 2 weeks with strained quad [espn]

Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian are doing it again [rag mag]

Pats CB hurt running for police help [balt sun]

Video: Junior Seau gets run over by a bull [yahoo]