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Recap: Redskins vs Lions: Blow it Up

I'm trying to think of a worse loss in all of DC sports history, and I can't. The Skins not only failed, but they've quit. The Washington Examiner wrote this morning that a player said the team had no energy coming back out for the second half. No rah-rah speeches. Nothing. Does this sound like a team with pride? Does this sound like a team that is behind their coach?

Blow it up. The Redskins could get first and second round picks for a lot of their players. Moss, Portis, Landry, Carlos, Samuels...ship em all out. If the Skins can't win with, why keep them in their prime? The next coach isn't going to want this sorry excuse for a West Coast Offense. Let someone else come in with a clean slate and a ton of draft picks.

As Rick Snider wrote this morning, and I echo, bring in Russ Grimm. He is a proven winner and it's the only move Snyder can make at this point to retain what fans he has left. I will be out of town this weekend for the Tampa Bay game, but you better believe I'd have my paper bag out.


Offense: D-

Zero yards rushing in the first half. It's hard to give a grade of F when a team puts up 340 yards passing, but being on the field for only 23 minutes is embarrassing. Jason Campbell had decent day, but it's clear now that he has reached his potential. On that interception to Moss where a blitzer came in untouched, Randle El was WIDE OPEN going across the middle. How does a NFL QB not see that? I'll tell you why, he's not a NFL QB. Also, how many times do the Redskins complete a pass 1 yard before the 1st down marker? Run past the line then catch it. Even on 3rd and 2 the Skins throw a 1-yard pass. It's laughable.

Defense: F--

It appears to me Blache could care less about his job. He wanted to retire 2 years ago, and in the post-game conference he said the Lions were a good team. Of course they are when you continually have ZERO pass rush and allow a rookie QB to lead an offense that put up 395 yards. How many f'n times did Matt Stafford stick his tongue out in happiness? Andre Carter has 1 sack through 3 games. Ship him out too. Even if we have to pay part of their salary, do it. The draft pick in return is worth more.

Coaching: F--

A lot of people liked the call to go for it on 4th and 1 in the first quarter, but I thought to myself "you always take 3 points on the road." Zorn continually avoids the bootleg and TE play-action in the short yardage situations.

The final play of the game a hook and ladder with Randle-El and Betts? Really. You HAVE to get the ball into the end-zone. You can't convince me that throwing a hail mary with Marko, Malcolm, and Devin Thomas is less likely to be successful than a hook and ladder.

Punt returns. Why is Randle-El returning punts in the 4th quarter when DET is kicking from their end zone? It makes no sense. Put your best players out there. After all, Tana won the game in DET last year with a punt return. It's baffling.

Effort: F+

It felt like there was a Redskin injured on every single play. London Fletcher continues to shine, still leading the league in tackles. Nine penalties for 97 yards is horrific though. Sonny Jurgensen said it best, "Veterans should not be making mistakes like this." Lack of discipline goes to the top...coaching.

Enough is enough. Ten years of free agents doesn't even get you a .500 football team. Mr. Snyder, please cut your losses and build this team the right way. The fact Zorn did nothing to rally the troops at half-time shows he's lost the team. I've interviewed Zorn on a couple of occasions at Redskins Park. The guy is very likable, but you can't help but think to yourself "this guy has no idea what he's talking about." Spurrier 2.0.