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Last Words Before Redskins vs Lions Tilt: Q&A with Pride of Detroit Writer

We had a chance to get the pulse of the Lions' fanbase with a quick Q&A with Pride of Detroit, the SB Nation site dedicated to the Lions. Thanks again to Sean Yuille, who took the time to take some of our questions.


Hogs Haven: What impact, if any, has Jon Jansen had on the roster?

POD: Honestly, it doesn't seem like he's had a very big one.  He is a backup to Gosder Cherilus, and I'm sure his veteran leadership has been helpful, but he hasn't made a visible impact on the team.

Hogs Haven: The Lions are the sexy pick this week. What are Lions fans feeling about their chances?

POD: Most fans are very optimistic that this is the week the Lions finally get a win.  I'll believe it when I see it (or hear it, since there's a blackout), but I definitely understand the optimism and think this will be a fairly close game.

Hogs Haven: Do you think Stafford will start all 16 games this season?

POD: Jim Schwartz has said that he will stick with Stafford and there is no looking back, so I think the only way he gets benched is because of an injury or if he shows no signs of improvement by the bye week.  If he is continuing to struggle that late into the season then it may be wise to let Culpepper finish the season.

Hogs Haven: Is Jim Schwartz the answer at coach for you guys?

POD: Obviously only time will tell, but it certainly seems like it.  He is a man of the people, is extremely knowledgeable about the game, and just seems to have the right attitude.  I'm a little hesitant based on the fact that most fans bought into Rod Marinelli when he was hired, but I'd say Schwartz is a much better head coach than Marinelli ever was.

Hogs Haven: How many years will it take to get the Matt Millen era's taste out of your mouth?

POD: It's definitely going to be a slow rebuilding process, unlike the quick turnarounds we saw in Miami and Atlanta.  The Lions did have a big turnover during the offseason and got rid of a ton of "Millen players," but there is still a huge need to upgrade the talent at positions like offensive and defensive line.  Until that happens and the Lions start winning games on a consistent basis, Millen's stench won't be off the franchise.

Hogs Haven: What player that we don't know much about should we be watching out for on Sunday?

POD: With Ernie Sims out because of a shoulder injury, I would keep an eye on his presumed replacement -- rookie DeAndre Levy.  Levy was a fourth-round pick and looked good in the preseason, showing great speed by always getting to the ball really quickly.  Of course, the regular season is a different animal, but this could be his chance to step up.  At the same time, though, he could be exposed as a weakness in an otherwise strong group of linebackers.