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Friday Night "Mights" (Saturday edition) - Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions

Hmmm...we haven't done so hot setting bold expectations for this squad so far have we? This week I thought I would lay out five reachable, yet lofty goals. In keeping with the overall theme of getting the win while improving across the board in key areas, here are the things I would expect to see in a game that results in a road win against the Lions.

1) 25 1st downs: Our offense averages 18 1st downs per game. Detroit has allowed 23 per game. So getting 25 first downs would not only be an improvement for our offense, but it would say that we are capable of taking more from the Lions than they are wiling to give us.

2) 300 yards passing for Jason Campbell: On defense, Detroit has given up just north of 255 yards per game in the air. Quarterbacks have hit OVER 80% of their passes against this defense. This is in addition to the 135 yards of rushing they have allowed per game. If the Redskins' offense is going to make a statement about figuring things out, they have to go big against a unit like the Lions' defense. And with Ernie Sims dinged up, their defense will be without some of the only bite they have had so far.

3) Defensive touchdown: If we have to learn how to get comfy with a team led by its defense then we need our defense to display some of the traits that define an elite unit. That means scoring points.

4) 37 points: Hold on...I have a reason for this. This is my boldest hope yet in this column. If we score 37 points this week, it would raise our per game average to 21. We need to start working on getting this per game average up now, since the second half of our schedule is going to most likely crush it. And you know as well as me, that in these parts, our scoring average has been a bone of contention in recent years. I don't really care that it would be kind of falsely inflating our numbers by running it up against the Lions (if we are capable of such a thing.)

5) Malcolm Kelly/Devin Thomas/Fred Davis combine for 10+ catches: It has to happen eventually (if we are all going to maintain our sanity.) And I can't keep picking Orakpo to get 2 sacks.

Will we go 0-for-5 yet again? God, that would be depressing.