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5 Redskins Questions With the Current Reigning Miss Fedex Field

Photo__2__mediumIn my weekly "Sights and Sounds" post from pictures of the Rams game, I posted this picture with the appropriate title of "Reigning Miss Fedex Field." A couple things have happened since this post. First, it made it's way around the net with the help of twitter and Mr. Irrelevant. Second, I received an email from Miss Fedex herself, Sabrina, elated with the bragging rights of her current title. This led me to the brilliant idea to have a Miss Fedex competition each Redskins home game. I'll interview and take a picture of a new contestant each week, and we'll put a poll up to let the Hogs Haven readers decide who should advance. I'd imagine Sabrina is on the cusp of a long run here. If the Skins can't win, at least we can cheer for her! Part of the process will be a short Q&A. Thanks again to Sabrina for contacting me, playing along, and sending a front shot. We'll announce the prize when we think of them, but a "Miss Fedex 2009" sash has already been ordered. Hopefully I can keep Ken from wearing it around his house all the time.

1.) What is your favorite and least favorite Redskins memories?

 My favorite Redskins memories are going to the games when it is freezing outside, and at halftime going to the warm cigar lounge, smoking cigars with our Old Virginia Tobacco friends, and watching the game on the big screen surrounded by hundreds of other fans. My least favorite Redskins memory is losing to the Cowgirls.  :-(

 2.) If you could meet any Redskin past or present, who would it be and why?

Joe Salave'a, because he got cut for no reason, he was my favorite defensive player, and he was a monster!

 3.) What is your prediction for the Redskins vs Lions game this weekend?

 We are going to crush them!

 4.) If you got to meet Dan Snyder...what would you want to talk to him about?

 Stepping down.

 5.) You mentioned your fiancée is an Eagles fan. I give you props for not being the girlfriend that cheers for whoever her boyfriend is rooting for. Having said that, will your first born child be leaving the hospital in a Redskins onesie or an Eagles onesie? (From all the Eagles friends I have, I would think your hubby would be pretty sincere about the kids being Eagles fans)

 Lol, thank you. Redskins for sure! As you can imagine, every Sunday, and sometimes on Monday, we get into the heated Redskins/Eagles discussion. I always end up having to go with the one hitter quitter that I was born in DC and he wasn't born in Philly.

Week 1 - Sabrina - Northern Virginia