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Redskins vs. Lions at Hard Times Cafe in Bethesda


Kevin and I will be hosting our first Hogs Haven event at the Hard Times Cafe in Bethesda, MD on Sunday.

Bracelets are $5 and they get you half-price appetizers, discounted draft beers, and all the Beirut you can play.

Hard Times has the NFL ticket, but expect the Redskins game to dominate the TV's around the bar and the Skins/Lions audio to be pumping through their speakers. (We'll see how long that lasts since Brian Billick is the color man for the Skins/Lions game).

While this is relatively short notice, this presents our first opportunity to try and get the community together for a game. A good showing this weekend nets us bigger and better deals whenever we want to get the band together. So come out and enjoy the game with some chili, cold beer, and Beirut with Kevin and I on Sunday.

Hard Times Cafe address:
4920 Delray Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814

There is a parking garage directly across the street that is free on Sundays so parking will not be a problem.

No RSVP necessary, but feel free to indicate your intentions in the comments section.