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Friday Night "Mights": Redskins vs Rams - My Bold Predictions

I got a bit harassed after last Friday's edition of  the "Mights". First of all, I was 0-5. Secondly, some of my predictions were simply not bold enough by my own standards as well as those of some of our most ardent commenters (TheOverLordMarshl). As much as I hate being wrong, I hate being anything less than bold even more. Please note: the "Mights" pre-suppose victory and indicate those things which would either likely or hopefully occur if and when the Redskins are operating on all cylinders against their opponent on any given Sunday.

1) Jason Campbell: 300+ yards, 3+ touchdowns - This pick is officially NOT based on any indication or predicton of JC's skills. I firmly believe the entire coaching staff/organization is at a crossroads right now. This week is going to quickly turn into a referendum on the state of the franchise. Jim Zorn must weigh carefully the "play-it-safe" philosophy against a team he knows he has to walk away from with a win versus establishing his offense's identity through riskier play-calling that he would otherwise not employ against a better team than the Rams. My gut tells me he is going to feel compelled to do the latter. I envision a day where Campbell puts 40 balls in the air. This should result in weighty stats for JC and a sigh of relief (albeit a brief sigh) from the Redskins' faithful.

2) Redskins defense scores a touchdown - This season is desperate to put itself on the map. At #4 overall last year, the Redskins were the only top 5 defense not to make the playoffs. The lack of big plays--i.e. turnovers and sacks--kept them from emerging onto the NFL landscape and the everyday fan's radar. This week is a perfect chance to impose their will on an opponent in a way that shows up in the scoreboard, stat box, and Sportscenter.

3) Santana Moss: 9 catches, 150 yds, 2 TDs - If last week's Giants' game was the dating equivalent of having your heart trampled on by the love of your life, this week's Rams' game is our rebound chick. You know, the girl at the bar who is determined to get as bombed as you intend to get and is willing to get freaky with a dude she just met. In football terms, she is going to let you catch 9 balls for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns.

4) Fred Davis: first NFL touchdown - It might come at the end of the game, in a meaningless play that adds points and disrespect to the final tally of the game. But Fred Davis has been getting on the field, and at some point in this game, the Rams are going to forget to cover him. I even have the perfect touchdown celebration for him: put the ball down and pretend it is a pillow and then pretend to take a nap on it. Come on!

5) Brian Orakpo: 2+ sacks - It might have too bold to pick this last week, but it is just bold enough for this game. Orakpo should cut his teeth in a major way against the Rams. It would be extra bold of him to throw in a turnover as well, but if he gets two sacks, I would be ecstatic. 

There you have it. Where am I way off? What are your predictions and what is the final score of this game?