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5 Questions with a Redskinette - Melanie

So moving on from Week 1, I'll try and keep pace with my weekly interview with a Redskinette. I actually met Melanie [profile] awhile back at the Redskinette calendar release party, and she was more than gracious to answer my questions:


Hogs Haven: So tell me a little about yourself...years on the squad, et cetera?

Melanie: This is my second year on the squad. I'm originally from California but went to Virgina Tech.

The thought that popped in my mind which I use with anyone I meet from VA Tech, "VA Tech, OK..I'll speak slower then."

Hogs Haven: I'm going to name a couple Redskins want to try and guess what position they play?

Melanie: Oh man....OK! (laughing/worried)

Hogs Haven: Devin Thomas.

Melanie: Ah...I'm not sure!

Hogs Haven: It's OK...that's not a gimme. Clinton Portis.

Melanie: Umm...Wide Receiver?

Hogs Haven: Ooo. Close. He is on offense...but running back. What's been the best moment of being a Redskinette...and you can't say the first time you ran out of the tunnel onto the field.

Melanie: Ahh dang! It'd have to be the calendar shoot trip in Aruba last year.

Hogs Haven: What has been the worst moment?

Melanie: I once got grabbed during a promo.

Thinking to myself: "Was his name Ken Meringolo?"

Hogs Haven: OK, last question...if Colt Brennan asked you to go Hawaii with him for a 2-week romantic vacation, but because of the Redskins policy, you'd lose your cheerleading job, would you still go?

Melanie: Haha. Nope. I have a boyfriend.

There were a lot of boyfriends at the calendar release party supporting their girlfriends, which didn't seem to bother all the old men with cameras. I'll get down to the bottom of that as we progress through the Redskinette lineup. Thanks again to Melanie for being a good sport.