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Recap: Redskins vs Giants: Game Plan in Action is a Head-Scratcher

Despite the stupid penalty by Laron Landray, the Redskins played rather disciplined giving up only 32 penalty yards but look at the time of possession difference. I mean, wow. Who thought our defense was going to be a problem? Being in the stands, I didn't have the benefit of replays and what not, but two things stood out.

1.) 1st play of scrimmage Portis has a huge gain. Why does Zorn call a gadget play next? Keep running the damn ball. Gadget plays work when you setup a consistent way of beating a team and then you change gears suddenly. Second play of scrimmage? Really? And why didn't Randle-El throw the ball away?

2.) That whole play where Landry got the personal foul. How is Brandon Jacobs turning a corner on this defense?

3.) That hit early in the game London Fletcher had on Jacobs. I wish you could have seen how fast Giants stadium got quiet.

1st Downs 15 18
Total Plays 50 61
Total Yards 272 351
Passing 187 248
Rushing 85 103
Red Zone (Made-Att) 2-3 0-3
Penalties 4-32 4-30
3rd Down Conversions 5-12 6-13
4th Down Conversions 1-1 0-1
Turnovers 2 2
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 1
Possession 23:52 36:08

What do you think? Zorn's chair just get a little hotter?