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Friday Night "Mights" - 5 Predictions for Redskins vs. Giants Game

First thing is first. Earlier this week, Ben Roethlisberger and his legal team fielded a request from his accuser's legal team to provide them with a list of partners Ben has had sexual relations with to probe for possible previous sexual misconduct. After watching last night's 4th quarter and overtime performance, I fully expect that list to now include the Titans' defense.

Moving on to the game that matters, here are 5 bold predictions for Sunday's game. Bragging rights are on the line come Monday. I ask that you not only include your bold predictions in the comments section, but also note where you agree and disagree with mine. And don't come with anything less than a bold prediction.

1) Jason Campbell will go over 250 yards passing.- I will go with 282 yards passing for JC. I expect Zorn to come out throwing and I expect Campbell to connect on at least 3 big pass plays. Maybe the number will look better than it really is if Moss or Cooley rack up yards after the catch, but I can live with that.

2) Malcolm Kelly will have over 5 catches for over 70 yards. - I believe that the Giants secondary will be content to let Kelly get his while they pay special attention to Cooley and Moss. I also believe that Campbell and Zorn will force the ball to Kelly to prove to the league that they do in fact have a wide receiver not named Santana Moss. I haven't decided how integral Kelly's performance will be to winning, but the closer he gets to 100 yds receiving, the more I believe that translates into a win for Washington.

3) Orakpo will get his first TWO sacks.- I didn't want to predict just one sack, as that would be the weeny thing to do. With our full defensive complement on the field, I am ready to believe Orakpo will be able to wreak havoc in the Giants' offensive backfield. This will put him on pace for 32 sacks, and we will all say 32 would be a disappointment since he clearly is capable of 40 (VA_Skin, looking in your direction)

4) Clinton Portis will have a TD run of longer than 30 yards.- By far the boldest prediction of the lot. He has not broken one for a while. It might be his last one of the season, but on Sunday he will will his way into the end zone from outside of the red zone. Come on, CP...the HOF awaits!

5) LaRon Landry will tally an INT, a FF, and will NOT get steamrolled by Brandon Jacobs.- We all want him to show up around the ball a little more often than he seemed to last year. If Eli puts the ball in or around his hands, he MUST come down with it this time (see last year's whiff). I am hoping that our defensive line can prevent Jacobs from simply running free into the second level on Sunday. If that is the case, LaRon should not have to worry about getting crumpled again on national television.

We'll be posting a preview and will be doing a chat during the game. Is anyone else getting fired up out there?