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Open Thread: Live Coverage from Redskins Park

I'm at Redskins Park now. The cheerlaeders and ESPNDeportes are here, so that means scrimmage time. It's the last practice open to the public. I'll be down on the field twittering and calling Sugar with updates, which he'll add to the post and/or comments.

Not expected to participate in scrimmage: Clinton Portis, Haynesworth, Moss, Devin Thomas, Randy Thomas, Cornelius Griffin, Phillip Daniels, Carlos Rogers, Mike Williams, and Heyer (questionable).   

Marching Band at 12:15 PM

Cheerleaders at 12:30 PM

Zorn address the crowd 1:10 PM

Scrimmage at 2:00 PM 

Redskins will be keeping stats on the scrimmage. Any guesses who will be the breakout player today? I'm guessing either Colt or Marcus Mason