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Interviews from Training Camp: Phillip Daniels, Robert Henson, and Santana Moss

I will be attending the final public camp tomorrow (Saturday) so as always, comment below if there are any questions/players you'd like me follow, and if you're going, let me know and we'll meet up. Sorry for the delay in getting these up, but here are my interviews from camp on Tuesday. 

Kevin: You played against the Oline last year and now this year? What differences/improvements you see?

Phillip Daniels: They are getting better. They're improving.You can't really judge it b/c everyone is one is really fresh. They're a lot more tired than we are. I see them doing a lot of drills that are killing their legs. At the same time, going against us, they're only going to get better. They're looking real good. Coming in fresh they'll be fine. And to put in a game plan, all that stuff goes in. You know what's coming at you. It's different. They don't know whats coming at them now. That's the biggest difference.

Kevin: I saw when I was at camp here on Saturday you guys were literally pushing them backwards.

Phillip Daniels: Yea [laughing]. We're strong up front. We got a lot of strong guys. It's tough with Haynesworth, me, and Griffin all inside, but they're going to be OK. It's camp...they're getting better everyday. They're picking up a lot of stuff. People got to be patient with them and see it develop. I see them developing everyday. It's going to be OK.


Following up with Robert Henson, who we sat down with two months ago:

Kevin: How are things faring for you? I saw you had a nice hit on Marcus Mason.

Robert Henson: It was a good hit but I blew my coverage. I didn't really blow it, I know I had him I just got picked by the tight end. Rookie mistake I got to correct. I learned to get on the outside shoulder and take all that away. Short yardage is critical.

Kevin: Still spending a lot of time in the tape room?

Robert Henson: Oh yea. Learning how to be a pro every day. I'm watching these older guys and how much they study. It's a job now. Everyday you go out there it's an interview.
Talking with Santana Moss: 
Kevin: spoke with Coach [Butch Davis] the other day about recruiting you and you being one of the most electrifying punt returners he's ever coached.


Santana: I appreciate that! He made me go back there! I never did it in my life! Leading to that point...he  asked me one year, "You want to try punt returner?", and I was like "Mmm...I'm alright coach". And then Leonard Myers got hurt. Nick Ward was back there and then he got nicked up. So then he came to me again and said "Do you want to go back there and punt return?" I was like "Nah" and he was like "I'm not asking you this time. Get back there!" So I went back there and like my second one or third one I took for a big gain. The next year I ran one back for a touchdown.

Kevin: You'll think see a lot this year?

Tana: I just do what they need me to. If they need me back there I'll go back there.

Coach Zorn, we need Moss back there!!! 

Chatting with Chris Cooley:

Kevin: Not sure if you saw, but I did a food critique of your sandwich. Not sure if i did something wrong but it was a struggle to eat. 

Cooley: I put a lot of everything on. A lot of peanut butter, a lot of ham, and a lot of mustard. It should be fine with Wonder Bread but I haven't tried it.

Kevin: How does the peanut butter not stick to your mouth?

It's like peanut butter and jelly. You have to put a lot of jelly on it!!

Makes sense. I didn't have a lot of mustard on it...perhaps I'll give it another shot, but I'm in no rush.