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Daily Slop: Portis Says He Has "5 good years left"

- Peter King posts his visit from Redskins Training Camp [cnnsi]
(Blache confirms Haynesworth will see plays as Defensive End)

- Laron Landry wears a wrist watch on the field [Insider]
(Why isn't it set to go off in 3 minutes??)

- Chris Cooley pranks Jason Campbell [cooley zone

- Christian group boycotting Fedex services due to "Redskins" being offensive [delmarva]

- "I probably got a great five years left in me," said Clinton Portis [WaPost]    

- Locals from Haynesworth's home town show reserved happiness for Haynesworth's big contract [the state]

- 49er's QB Nate Davis throws the ball laces out [Niners Nation]

- NYG Rocky Bernard's listing on the PUP list surprises everyone [espn
(Fred Robbins and Michael Boley already on the list)

- Buccaneers bringing back the creamsicle uniforms [deadspin]

- Eagles MLB Stewart Bradley and Ellis Hobbs injured in camp [espn]
Update: Bradley out for the year. Joe Mays likely the new starting MLB

- Lingerie Football league demanding respect (Video) [Yahoo]

- Clueless bloggers of the week:

I can't imagine [Washington Times Skins beat writer] Elfin believes there's a realistic scenario that has Brennan under center for the Redskins in 2010. And even if Brennan was an option, no way owner Dan Snyder, who has a predilection for high-priced free agents, lets it happen. In fact, there's a better chance that Michael Vick and Antwaan Randle El start at quarterback for the 'Skins in the A-11 offense. 
[Ryan Wilson - Fanhouse]

Harry Jaffe: Five reasons Dan Snyder should sign Michael Vick
[Harry Jaffe - Washington Examiner]  

I'm convinced the Examiner article was written by a 15-year old. First, the columnist misspelled his paper's name in the first sentence with "Examinter." Secondly, he brings up the exhausted reasons of Snyder liking Deion Sanders and Mark Brunell. Brunell was Gibbs' pick and Deion was almost TEN years ago. 

- Vick to the Seahawks rumors heating up (for a Jim Mora Jr. reunion)  [Yahoo]

- Derrick Mason predicatably ends retirement...shows up at camp [espn]

- Beanie Wells sprains ankle the first day of training camp [espn]

- Matt Stafford's flavor of the month is very hot [KSK]

- LenDale White attributes weight loss to cutting Patron out of his diet [freep]

"I was drinking a lot, drank a lot of alcohol....I cut the drinking, I stopped drinking for six months...It started falling off."
He said he weighed as much as 265 pounds last season, but reported to camp at 228.