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Daily Slop: Jason Taylor Still Doesn't Like the Redskins

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Cooley details his back spasms; expects to play Saturday [cooleyzone]

Reed Doughty looks to have a firm spot on the 53-man roster [Insider]

Blache expects breakout year for Landry [warpath]
(Smoot evolving into Shawn Spring's role of last year)

"I'd take LaRon over [Polamalu], any day," [Redskins safeties Coach Steve] Jackson said. "They would probably rather have Polamalu because he does do the things like a linebacker with the blitzing ... But when you watch him play true free safety, it's not even close in my humble opinion as far who the better safety is." [WaTimes]    

Cooley gaining ground in Redskins Twitter followers rankings [WaTimes]

Favre is playing with a rotator cuff tear []

Big Ben looking for accuser to drop case based on her text messages [espn]

Peter King throws Favre under the bus; Talks to Dawkins about Vick signing [mmqb

Jason Taylor continues to bash the Redskins [usatoday]

"You can't put me in a spot where I can't be successful," Taylor says of the Redskins' experiment. "That was real frustrating. I go up there and coach Blache was set on what he wanted to do. It's like trading for Manny Ramirez because you need a home run hitter, and when he comes you say, 'We need a left-hand hitter, too. Bat lefty for us.' It doesn't work."