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Daily Slop: Ready for Some More, Tired Campbell Questions?

Chris Mortensen covers Skins camp [espn]
(Campbell, Zorn yet again have to answer the same, tired questions)

Comical ice tub conversation between Shaun Suisham and Chris Wilson [Skins Blog]

ESPN all-access with DeAngelo Hall
(I've been saying it all along, but )

Haynesworth ready for anything, OK with playing 14 games if full-speed [espn]

Portis on the loss to the Ravens []
(Am I the only one getting flashbacks of last year? Year two I'd expect this would be better at least somewhat game practice #1.)

"They didn't do anything spectacular," he said. "We missed a lot of open reads, we missed a lot of blocks, just being in place. If we get to our assignment and do things we're supposed to do, I think that game's totally different."     

Jeremy Bridges put his party-life style behind him [WaTimes]

Portis and Haynesworth playing this weekend []

McNabb wants Plaxico Burress [nydailynews]
(The Birds should bring in Pacman Jones for the criminals trifecta)

Redskins Rides this Sunday at Redskins Park []
(Sheesh. $15 entry fee?) predicts the Skins go 6-10 []
(I have trouble following our friend Brad's logic, where a team that went 8-8 last year, improved in the off-season, has WRs ready to take the load off a healthy Santana, entering year 2 of a system, and have the same easy schedule - get worse!)

ESPN 980 Fantasy Football Convention - This Friday (8/21/09)

Join ESPN980 this Friday from 7-9pm at Dave and Busters in the White Flint Mall with ESPN's Erik Kuselias and Eric Karabell - Free Food - Prizes and we're giving away tickets to the game on Saturday (next night)  

Note: After watching the Giants game last night, they have some SERIOUS problems at WR. It's very noticeable in Eli's interviews that he is having to put in a lot of extra work with these young WRs, and it is not clicking at all. Hmm, sounds eerily familiar. This is the Skins year to win the NFC East if they can stay healthy and put it together offensively.

Note 2:  Teams must reduce to 75 players by Sept. 1 and 53 players by Sept. 5.