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Jessica Simpson to Blame for Colt Brennan's Poor Play ?

Coming to a Fedex Field suite near you?
Coming to a Fedex Field suite near you?

Of course not. However, the internet and twitter world is blowing up with rumors that Colt Brennan is trying to woo former Cowboys' QB main squeeze, Jessica Simpson. I am not one to publish gossip rumors, but given the lack of entertainment from last night's 23-0 drumming, let's have some fun with this. This headline is a gem:

Jessica Simpson Moves Down NFC East Depth Chart [nbc]

I mean, that is headline writing at its finest. Another article brought to light this point: 

Good News for Colt, the Jessica Curse can't hurt him to bad because he has already won the same number of playoff games that Romo has.    

The rumors on this are so bizarre with web chats, flirting, text messages. OK, I'm done with this. If she really wanted to get back at Romo, wouldn't sleeping with T.O or Wade Phillips be more comical? If there's ever a reason not to start Colt now, it's the picture I photoshopped above. I don't need to see that every Sunday.