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Almost Game Time: Rookie Mistakes Continue

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So I decided to wake up early this morning and head over to Redskins Park for practice in lead-up to tomorrow's pre-season game. Well, guess what? Skins don't really practice. They have a simple walk through, but are mostly inside reviewing the game plan (get your binders out).

Before I realized this I walked over to the media building and noticed no one was inside. "Crap!" I walked over to the main building where the Redskins staff told me media never comes the day before games. Rookie mistake for Hogs Haven.  I felt like Happy Gilmore when the sprinklers went off on the 9th green at 9pm. It's all good though. I drove through Dulles Airport arrivals on the way home, looped around, and thus avoided the rush hour commute on the actual toll road into DC.

So, let's talk some football. The Redskins released their depth chart, and there is only one surprise. The depth for QBs and TEs is the same as last year, but take a look at the punters. Chris Cooley is the back-up punter. Huh? I've seen him kick field goals before, so I won't bash his punting abilities just yet.

It's almost impossible to predict a pre-season game with so many scrappers logging time, but QBs usually are the factor. The Skins have 2 QBs with a lot of experience, Colt, who is ready to step-up, and NFL newbie, Chase Daniels. 

The Ravens depth chart is a bit different. They are carrying only 3 QBs: Joe Flacco, Troy Smith, and John Beck (BYU Qb drafted in the 2nd round two years ago by the Fins). If I hear an announcement out of Ravens camp Beck will be seeing a lot of time, I will be putting my 401K on the Redskins to cover the +3 they are getting. His career QB rating of 62.2 in 5 games with Miami 2 years ago is pretty brutal. The Redskins 2nd defense is very solid, too. I find it odd that John Harbaugh is doing zero game-planning for this pre-season game. The Redskins are game-planning, so it would be disappointing if the Redskins lost this game. It would take a lot of offensive turnovers.

Derrick Mason,(dislocated finger), Mark Clayton (torn hamstring), Terrell Suggs (strained achilles), Haynesworth, and Portis are all likely to sit. Obviously, the 2 big things to watch for are:

1.) The Red-shirts. How Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and Fred Davis play in compeition. Zorn said he wants to give Devin A LOT of time, but Devin was a little inconsistent in practice yesterday as he's returning to full speed from his sore hamstring.

2.) The O-line. Randy Thomas desperately wants to play, but Zorn really wants to rest him. I don't see much benefit in playing Randy now. Get healthy and give it a go next week. Let's see how Rinehart does.

The kicker battle surely will get some attention as well.  It certainly would be nice to see the QBs calling audibles. In training camp, Colt was certainly working the line and pointing out coverages. Redskins football is here. Anyone/anything you will be looking for in particular?