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Daily Slop: Injuries are Becoming a Concern

- Redskins Nation loses a fan [AP]

Berrios-Campos, 21, of Bealeton, Va., died July 24 in Salman Park, Iraq, of injuries sustained in a non-combat related incident....The Wilmington-based National Guardsman enjoyed cheering on the Washington Redskins.

- Randy Thomas condifent on playing, oraganization is not [Insider]

"I'll never be 100 percent the rest of my life," he said. "But put it this way, 'When it's time to be out, I'll be there.' "

- The reason everyone is so high on Chad Rinehart [Bog]

He's gained a lot of muscle and his mentality is a lot better, which was confirmed by Chris Samuels. Sellers talks about Chad's reformation:

"I'm just amazed that he's talking about lifting weights," said Mike Sellers, who overheard our conversation. "I want to hear this. I ain't gonna lie, he's changed a lot since last year. I mean, there was a butt burglar or something around here that stole his behind [last year]. It looks like he's been squatting, though, so he's evened out."    

- Phillip Daniels helping Jeremy Jarmon take his job [Homer McFanboy]

"Don't feel bad about asking questions," Daniels said. "Come to us and ask us anything. We'll help you out - that's our job. You know, somebody helped us out when we were young, so we want to come out and help him too. If we help him have a long career, then we did our part."    

- Darrell Green trained Justin Tryon for 6 weeks this off-season [WaPost]
(That explains why he looks so good at camp)

- Zorn straighted out Fred Davis last year, will get a lot of pre-season work [WaTimes]

- Comcast scores exclusive HD contract for pre-season games [mcn]

- Felis Jones injures same toe that shortened his rookie season [cnnsi]

- Jason LaCanfora reports from Skins Camp for NFL Network [nfl]

Zorn on Haynesworth's knee: "It's kind of a brace bit it works on the inside. that's all it is."
Haynesworth  on Haynesworth's knee: "This is the 2nd or 3rd year ive done it. It helps out and takes the soreness out of the knee. They make me go one a day so I can stay fresh for the season. "