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Ask a Redskin: 3 Random, Tough Questions and Their Replies

August 8, 2009: Carlos Rogers with his daughter after practice Fan Appreciation Day.
August 8, 2009: Carlos Rogers with his daughter after practice Fan Appreciation Day.

Fan Appreciation Day was this past weekend, and given the light mood after practice, I thought it'd be fun to ask the players non football related questions for a change. First things first, the offensive line did look better. The quarterbacks did not throw well, which was disappointing, but there was only a few number of sacks and the QBs did have time to throw the ball. Coach Zorn in his intro speech raved of Hunter Smith. I clocked his last 5 punts, which had the hang-times: 4.05, 4.39, 4.18, 4.81, and 5.?. (I received a text message as I was clocking the last punt, but it was a massive 60-yard punt that was well over 5 seconds). When asked in the post-practice interview about Hunter, Zorn said that when Hunter the Punter misses a kick, it's still in the 4+ seconds range versus last year where the punters mis-kicks were in the 3.1 and 3.2 seconds range. That certainly is a huge difference and should go a long way for field battle positions. Anthony Alridge and Byron Westbrook were getting time as the punt runners on my side of the field.  

I spoke with Renaldo Wynn about the offensive line, and he had this to say:

The key is how they gel together. It's like the Giants' offensive line. They're not the most talented, but they work together. If we can get these guys to pull together and come together as a unit, I think they can be pretty great. Keep guys healthy number two. That was a huge problem last year. Chris Samuels, Randy Thomas, Jon Jansen were hurt. Most of the guys in there were battling some type of injury.    

That seems fair enough to me. Let's see how they do Thursday before completely throwing them under the bus. I also asked several of the players who of the young guys are standing out most in camp. Jeremy Jarmon is in the huge lead (Orakpo is already a given at this point).

Wynn:  "Jeremy Jarmon. Edwinn Williams, the center from MD. He's having a heck of a camp."
Portis:  "[Marques ]Hagans at receiver. [Robert ] Agnone. Fred Davis...I think he's had the best camp out of anyone."
Randle-El:  "Marko Mitchell, Trent Shelton, and that cat we got in the supplemental draft Jeremy Jarmon. He's nasty."
London Fletcher:  "Reed Doughty looks good."
Todd Yoder:  "Orakpo. He is strong as a bull and fast. I'm expecting big things out of him...he's got great strength for his size and a real quick first step.

As of right now it is looking like Jeremy Jarmon was a STEAL with next year's 3rd round pick...not to mention the added benefit that we get having Jarmon on the roster this year. I don't see how he doesn't make the 53-man roster.

So onto the fun questions. I asked the following questions to 17 players (and Dan Steinberg):

1.) If Hollywood was making a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?
2.) Who would you rather spend a weekend in Vegas with: Shaun Suisham or Ethan Albright?
3.) Who would win a QB accuracy contest today: Zorn or Brunell? 

Can you guess for #1 who picked Johnny Drama and who Fred Smoot and Jim Zorn picked? Answers after the jump...


I think it'd be close. I honestly can't give away either one. They're both friends. Brunell is probably a little less rusty so I'll go with him."

  Actor to play their life story Vegas Zorn or Brunell Contest
Fred Smoot


"Albright!. He's my boy! He's Irish ... I'm Dutch, we're gonna roll together!"  
Carlos Rogers Hall
"Suisham." "Zorn."
DeAngelo Hall Hall
Todd Yoder #47
"Me. Can I be in a movie? Or maybe I can get Cools and then maybe I can star in a movie playing him."
"Albright because he's the Red Snapper."  
Antwaan Randle-El Cuba Gooding
"Suisham" "Brunell" (with confidence)
Clinton Portis Foxx
"Jamie Foxx"
"Albright" "I don't know, you're talking about 2 old arms that got it done at their time. Brunell at this point since he's still in the league."
Marko Mitchell Will
"hmm..Will Smith!!"
"Suisham. He's a funny, cool guy and down to Earth."  
London Fletcher London
"Me! [laughing]"
"Probably Albright. Ethan's old school so I'm sure we'll have a good time."  
Cornelius Griffin
"Denzel Washington"
"Neither one."  
Renaldo Wynn Denzel
"[laughing] Someone with some good looks. Probably have to say Denzel."
"Man...I have to go with Albright. I have to go with Albright. I'd just like to see what he does for fun. Suisham, he's a regular guy, but Albright, he'll be like Chevy Chase waering the plaid pants."  
Chris Samuels Tiny
Chris: "I don't know, that's tough."
Kevin: "Gary Coleman?"
Chris: "No...haha, not at all. Samuel L...I need someone big. Oh! The guy that played Deebo...even though my eye is straight!"
"Ethan Albright. I like him..old wise veteran." "Zorn because he's my coach...even though I love Brunell."
Chris Cooley Drama
"That's a good question man. I'd go with Johnny Drama.He'd be good."
"Suisham" "I think it'd be close. I honestly can't give away either one. They're both friends. Brunell is probably a little less rusty so I'll go with him."
Jason Campbell


"Suisham" "Brunell"
Shaun Suisham Damon
"Matt Damon"

(I asked Shaun to make his case for players to choose him)"
"Me. Because I'm lucky."

Mike Sellers Tiny
"The dude they call 'Tiny' in the movies."
"Albright. He's funny. That's my buddy."  
Jim Zorn

"Hmm..that's a good question. You know who I like...Robert Duvall. . He's really good. I like Matt Damon. I like Tom Criuse. I like those guys. They make fun movies. They're good actors."

Dan Steinberg
"I'd have to say Moby."
"Suisham...he loves me." "I'll take Zorn."